District Science Day is open to students in grades 5-12 who attend a public, private, or virtual school, or are home schooled. Students who receive a “Superior” rating at a local science fair is eligible to participate in the District Science Day. (The requirement for a “Superior” rating at a local science fair does not apply to the 2021 Virtual District Science Day.) Project and competition rules and regulations must be followed equally, regardless of type of school attended. Students must reside and/or attend school within the counties of Gallia, Lawrence, Pike, or Scioto, or in an adjacent local school district included by prior agreement.

Most of the information you will need to successfully complete a science fair project can be found in this website and the provided links. Your parents, teachers, and mentors can help guide you along the way. Any document below that is denoted with DOCX is a Microsoft Word file that you can be fill in.

Getting Started

OAS Student Science Day Guide

Scientific Method Chart

Scientific Method Sample

Tips & Advice from Science Day Alumni

Science Project Resources

Science Research and Process of Science

Types of Projects: Scientific Inquiry vs. Engineering Design vs. Meta-analyses

Meta-analyses and Engineering Design Explained

Info for Soybean projects (specific awards offered for these projects)

Info for Water Environment projects (specific award offered for these projects)

Templates and Samples

Science Fair Project Checklist

Research Plan Requirements checklist

Research Plan template (DOCX)Template for student use

Final research paper template (lower grades) (DOCX)Template for student use

Final research paper template (upper grades) (DOCX)Template for student use

Sample Research Paper – Grade 5

Sample Research Paper – Grade 9

Sample Research Paper – Grade 10

Sample Research Paper – Grade 12

Abstract Template (DOCX)Template for student use

Sample Abstract – Grade 12

Mastering the Abstract Writing Process

Project Display Board

Project Display Board How-To

Project Display Board Expectations

What is NOT Allowed at a Project Display

Photo Credit Form for Posting on Display BoardsRequired on display board

Project Display Board Samples

Science Day Rules and Forms

OAS Science Day Standards

Science Day Topic Categories

Overview of ISEF Forms and How to Complete ThemHelpful document

ISEF FormsRequired form (During registration, STEM Wizard will help you determine which form you need to complete; if using electronic signatures, the forms MUST be completed with Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Sample Completed ISEF Forms 1

Sample Completed ISEF Forms 2

ISEF 2021 Rules and Guidelines

ISEF Forms Wizard – determine which additional forms you will need to complete

Judging Cards

The scorecard for the Virtual District and State Science Days will be a modified version of the Individual Hypothesis Based scorecard. Points for Teamwork will be interspersed throughout the other four categories.

Hypothesis Based: Individual Team

Engineering Design Based: Individual Team

Meta-analyses Based: Individual Team