Scientific research requires researchers to follow certain rules to ensure the safety of the the researcher as well as the research subjects, if living organisms or humans are utilized. The links on this page are to help parents, teachers, and research mentors navigate the process from helping the student select a topic through completing and submitting the required forms for the Science Day. Many of the other documents, templates, and forms can be found on the Students page.

Every student must complete the OAS Consent form, ISEF Form 1, ISEF Form 1A, and ISEF Form 1B along with submitting an Abstract and research plan. Additional forms are required if project includes human subjects, vertebrate animals, potentially hazardous biological agents, human or vertebrate animal tissue, hazardous chemicals, activities or devices or regulated substances. If you have questions about which forms to complete, you may consult the ISEF Forms Wizard.


STEM Wizard teacher registration and login

District 14 Teacher Informational Workshop slides

STEP-BY-STEP Tutorial Slides

Science Day Topic Categories

Teacher’s Guide to Science Projects

OAS Teacher’s Science Day Guide

Student Interest Inventory

Sample Schedule for Integrating Science Fair Projects into Classroom Instruction

Teacher’s Guide: Technical Writing for STEM Proposals, Plans, and Reports



Judging Cards

PDF and Word versions of all of the judging score cards (individual and team for each science, engineering design, and meta-analyses) can be found on the Ohio Academy of Science webpage.